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Quality Foods for a Better Life

Our company facilitates the supply of outstanding quality food products to customers of all levels using exclusive sales networks and service systems.

By carrying only the finest quality food products and providing outstanding service, our company assures substantial profits into the future. We will always pursue only the absolute finest.

Company Profile

Those consumers for whom epicurean delight is a source of joy find our commitment to our philosophy of “Quality Foods for a Better Life” meets their needs for wellness as well as entertainment.
Head Office
23 Araki-cho,Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo 160-0007
International Operation
Tel (03)3225-1161
Fax (03)3225-5520

Logistic Center:
8-15 Tokai 4-chome,Ota-ku,Tokyo 143-0001 (Azuma Shipping Co .,Ltd.Bldg.4F)
Established:December 1919
Management:Chair man, Koushi Suzuki Vice president, Motoji Suzuki

Business Lines:
Import of ; Bakery and snack Foods
Canned/bottled preserved foods
Chocolates & Confectioneries
Cheese & Daily products(raw materials)
Prepared foods and specialities
Processed meat products
General import,export,wholesale,warehousing,and delivery.

Affialiates:Le’Cruse Ltd.(Cheese Distributor)


Established in 1919, we have a proud history as a quality food importer. Our founders established values for our company that continue to hold true to this day and guide us forward. We take pride in the highest standards of commitment to the satisfaction of our customers.
In December 1919, the founder of our company, Shiro Suzuki, started his first business in Hirakawacho Kojimachi, Tokyo, producing and wholesaling syrup and cold beverages. When consulted by Dr. Ryotaro Yoshida, then or the Tokyo Imperial University, Shiro Suzuki also set up a trading business importing various essences and flavourings from the companies “John Elmer” of England and “Bayern” of Germany.

Twenty years later, Shiro Suzuki, using his extensive knowledge and expertise of international trade, founded Suzusho Limited as we know it today.
During the turmoil created by WWII, business was temporarily suspended.

Suzuki and Company Ltd resumed business in June 1946, relocating its office to Hongo Bunkyo-ward. At this time, Shiro Suzuki took on the role of president while his son, Koushi, took over as managing director.
In 1954, the company Suzusho Limited was established as a trading enterprise.
In February 1973, due to the passing of founder Shiro Suzuki, Koushi succeeded his father in the business and its presidency.
In August 1978, Suzuki and Company Ltd. acquired Kousei Warehouse Co. Ltd., a warehousing company, which further facilitated in the expansion of the distribution facility.

In March 1979, Koushi Suzuki received “The Export Oscar Award” from the government of Denmark for his unrelenting efforts to boost bilateral trade activities by importing Danish meat and dairy products.
In December 1984, Koushi Suzuki visiting Holland upon receipt of an honourable invitation from the Dutch government as a guest of the prime minister.

In December 1985, Suzuki and Company Ltd. fully merged with Kousei Warehouse and started to operate as a single entity.
In October 1988, Koushi’s eldest son, Issei Suzuki, became managing director of Suzosho Limited. The new office building was opened at the current address: 23 Arakicho Shinjuku-ward, Tokyo.
In March 1992, Koushi Suzuki became chairman of Suzusho group, having two subsidiaries – Le ‘Cruse and Yuco. At this time Issei Suzuki was promoted to president of Suzusho Limited.


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